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about us

slide-1We are a full service title company with strong ethics, loyalty, knowledge and desire for 100% customer satisfaction. We serve all metropolitan cities in the state of Florida. Founded in 1995, we strive to build long term customer relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our customers are our first priority. We help our customers handle their real estate transactions smoothly, accurately and professionally.

We can proudly state that we offer the most competitive title fees and quality service. Our reputation is for fast, efficient, professional and competitively priced closing and title services. Our staff combines more than 29 years of experience in handling residential and commercial closings.

We look forward to handling all of your escrow, title and closing needs.

our services

If you are in the process of buying the house of your dreams, do not take chances. At M.G. Title experienced closing agents are available to guide you through real estate transactions, explain every step of the process, prepare the real estate documentation and protect your legal rights. All this in a friendly and professional environment.

If you are refinancing your property we can provide you all the information you need. We will explain the refinancing process, help you with the loan process, explain what you need to do to lock in your interest rate and close the transaction.

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Residential Real Estate Closing

In order to avoid any inaccuracies before the buyer signs a closing agreement, we ensure that the documents are well-organized, that the amounts are correct and that everything the client is signing for actually exists. We will look out for our clients’ best interests.

Commercial Real Estate Closings

Commercial transactions have a different process with specialized inspections and income and expense analysis for the property. Also, the lending has different standards than residential. We understand how commercial real estate closings work and want to offer all our expertise to our clients.

Refinance Closings

We know how overwhelming a closing day can be and are here to assist on your refinance closing. We help you review and sign all your documents. We make sure that everything has been explained clearly and that you understand the terms to which you are agreeing.

Home Equity Line of Credit Closings

Also known as HELOC. It is a revolving line of credit, much like a credit card. However, they require you to use your home as collateral for the loan. Just like a mortgage, there are many papers to sign and it can be overpowering. We want to help ensure you understand what you are signing for and make the process easier on you.

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